Keep it clean! A house can never be too clean. Remember, de-cluttering is a form of cleaning. Just as dirt builds up, so does clutter. Don’t waste money moving your junk around. Get rid of it now.

Maintain curb appeal. Does your home look attractive, welcoming and structurally sound at first glance? Make a list of ways to enhance the positive and eliminate the negative. If you have a nice curvy walkway, accentuate it with flowers or lanterns. If the first thing a visitor sees is your big wide garage, try to guide their eyes into a beautiful front yard, or paint your front door red to guide the eye there. These things add value.

Upgrade the kitchen. Ask any real estate expert what the top upgrade with the greatest return is, and the answer will be the kitchen.

Do a mini-makeover. Just changing up the paint on your walls and cabinets can have a big impact

Add color with a new backsplash. New tile is attractive and adds a rich look to your kitchen.

Add some sparkle. The cold feel of steel is a hot ticket item for buyers. Transition your appliances as they wear out and go with a similar metallic look in your light switches.

Add utility with a rolling island and hang a pot rack and/or wine bottle holder.

Beautify your bathroom. Your bathroom is your home’s workhorse. There’s lots of wear and tear, so you want to keep it functioning well and make good looking upgrades along the way.

Go granite (or marble). If you are toying with the granite idea, your bathroom counter is most likely smaller and less expensive than your kitchen counter.

Replace overhead lighting with wall mounts to add warmth and attractiveness to your bathroom.

Upgrade your bathroom. Install a shower with body sprays and stone surround tile.

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