New Construction

Be the first to own the home you fall in love with.

Home building runs in the Biagini family. So, if you're looking to purchase new construction, turn to Biagini Realty for the best selection of new construction in the Hudson Valley and Delaware Valley. There are three primary reasons to consider new construction.

A Truly Fresh Start

Many home-seekers prefer new construction because it hasn't been lived in by others. Because no one has put their personal stamp on the home, typically, there will be less redecorating and restoration required.

Move-In Ready

While many people still enjoy older homes or a project house that they can tackle, new construction is typically move-in ready, immediately after closing.

Quality and Greater Flexibility

While often built very well, many older homes may not be up to current building codes. In order to renovate or expand, you generally need to bring them up to current codes, which can mean a costly extra expense. With a new construction, you don’t have to worry about any of those issues, so you can do any remodeling or alterations you want without worry that older systems such as the plumbing or electrical are going to pose a problem.

New construction homes are popular, and they often sell fast. Get started on your journey to buy the home of your dreams. Contact Biagini Realty today.

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