Though he’s a lifelong Washingtonville resident, Paul Biagini, owner of Biagini Realty, loves Philadelphia and all it has to offer homeowners.

With abundant arts, culture and a friendly vibe, Philadelphia continues to offer great value to prospective homeowners. Philly edges out its higher-profile east coast neighbors to the north like Boston or New York in terms of affordability, green space and character.

Here are Paul’s top 7 reasons to consider living in the City of Brotherly Love.

It’s a Great Deal. Rent in Philadelphia can be half the cost of other east coast cities, and despite the rapid development over the past few years and an influx of trendy restaurants and shops, home values have remained relatively steady. That means homebuyers can still get a great deal on a wonderful home.

It’s walkable. Philly turned a problem into an opportunity. It’s lack of parking created the inspiration for its top-notch public transit system, with trains, electric trolleys, subways and buses throughout the city. Philadelphia was ranked the fourth most walkable city in the country and is very bicycle-friendly as well.

Abundant green space. When William Penn designed this city, he included plenty of green space. Rittenhouse and Washington Square Parks remain well-kept and beautiful sanctuaries within this thriving city. Offering miles of trails and easy access to the Schuykill River, Philly is also home to the 9,200 acres of Fairmount Park, the largest city-owned park in the nation.

It’s Family-friendly. A few decades ago, crime, racial tensions and poor education drove families into nearby suburbs. Today, crime rates are on the decline, schools have vastly improved and families are returning to the city center. There’s a wide variety of family homes available with access to outdoor space.

High quality of life, on a budget. Philadephia’s historical attractions like the Liberty Bell or the lesser-known Edgar Allan Poe House are generally free admission all or part of the time. Budget entertainment in Philadelphia is ubiquitous, with a “pay what you wish” admission on the first Sunday of the month and every Wednesday after 5 p.m at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. In addition, Philly has a widely-accepted BYOB policy at its restaurants, which can help you get more for your dining dollar.

A (near) perfect location. Philly is situated nicely for many reasons: one, it rarely gets any extreme weather, and it tends not to get too hot. Or if you have a craving for yet another big city? It’s not far from New Jersey, New York or Boston, and nearby Delaware beckons with tax-free shopping.

Bountiful higher education opportunities. What’s more, relocating to Philadelphia gets you much closer to top-notch colleges and universities like UPenn, Temple University, Drexel University, and Moore College of Art & Design. That means access to sports events, guest lectures, educational opportunities, and more.

Still Not Sure?

Go visit! From the Hudson Valley region, Philadelphia is only a 2-3 hour drive away.

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